DeFi providers

The law requires DeFi providers to comply with new regulations causing an increase in compliance costs for service providers. Moreover, the regulations are issued under a one-size-fits-all approach meaning different services are forced to fit general requirements. Thus, small DeFi platforms may have to exit the market, and the remaining ones will face restrictions on implementing unregulated innovations.

Increasing costs influence the market competition since small start-ups can’t bear following compliance regulations which would result in decreasing the innovative market development.

Also, the law forces privacy concerns since crypto service providers collect and store more personal data and identify customers, making them potential victims of hackers and fraudsters.

With more power comes more responsibility, and custodial CASPs bear more responsibility over customers and transactions since they store and collect data, assets, and transaction history.

For crypto users, this translates to increased legal protection and the ability to address issues related to fraud, illegal activity, and theft in a more regulated manner.

Crypto Regulations in the US

Uncertainty of crypto regulations in the US forces some crypto companies to move under EU jurisdiction.

The US crypto market is usually considered a tax gap and a major source of tax evasion.

Current US President Joe Biden is not that enthusiastic about crypto and has offered a Bitcoin mining tax requiring miners to pay taxes equal to 10% of used electricity in 2023 and 30% in 2026. Still, the proposal didn’t make it into a bill. Some think the president’s administration won’t give up and will create tax regulations and restrictions for crypto service providers.

The US presidential election 2024 will be a decisive moment for the crypto market since many candidates show a positive approach towards cryptocurrencies. Currently, the US crypto market exposes uncertainty that will definitely change soon.

The USA is one of the largest crypto markets. By January 2023, 37.7 million Americans own crypto, approximately 10% of the world’s crypto users. One person, on average, invests $10,200 in cryptos, prioritizing centralized platforms. It’s important to consider any regulatory updates when trading and investing, as changes in the US market can impact the entire market.

Bottom Line

When making market forecasts and trading decisions, it’s essential to use fundamental analysis that considers factors like news, social issues, economic trends, environmental concerns, political changes, and other factors. To stay informed, follow Tech Planet Author & SpectroCoin on our blog and social media, where we will be sharing important updates.